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Jim Whitesell: 19 Winning Set Plays - Basketball DVD

with Jim Whitesell.
Loyola University Men's Basketball Coach.

You can never have too many winning set plays to run out of your offensive sets! In this excellent presentation (filmed at one of the best demonstration clinics in the US), Coach Whitesell shares a selection of set plays that he runs out of his 3 out 2 in offense. After a quick overview of his 3 out 2 in offense, he shows the three main sets he uses out of it - "Attack", "Eagle", and "Grizzly". Out of those three sets, there are endless set play options; Coach Whitesell shows you 19 of them. These 19 plays are first run without a defense and gradually you will see them ran against a full defense and then out of a transition situation. Coach Whitesell uses all of these plays to get every one of his players open and in a scoring situation. Each one of these plays has many different options and if ran all the way through, each player will touch the ball and have a chance to do something. Once you have gone through most of the plays, Whitesell shows you what to do when the opposing teams scout your team and starts over-playing certain players and situations. These plays can be ran as part of a 3 out 2 in offense or they can be ran as special plays out of any offense.

DVD Running Time: 71 minutes. 2005.
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